Dametris About Us



Nicole has been in the beauty industry since 2005. Nicole is best known for her thorough consultation, she believes listening is the ultimate way to achieving what best suites her client’s beauty needs. Nicole strives to develop relationships and trust with her clients and she believes any style can be achieved by truly listening during the consultation. Nicole feels accomplished with her work when she see’s her client’s look of happiness in her mirror.

Nicole’s favorite day would include Highlighting, Coloring, Balayage technique, Men’s and Women’s Cut and Style. 

 “Dry Cutting” is what Nicole prefers. Dry cutting allows her to truly feel the texture of the guest’s hair, producing a softer blend and truer result for each hair type.

Coloring/Foiling Nicole loves these services and will always look at individual skin and eye tones to determine the best shades for you. She also encourages changes depending on season trends always giving her clients a cutting edge look.  

Nicole is passionate about continuing her education on the latest hairstyles, trends and products for healthier hair.

Nicole recently moved here from Washington State, she currently resides in Lakewood with her husband and two children.  They love the outdoors and enjoy soccer, hiking, biking, paddle boarding, whale watching and nature. Nicole loves crafting, writing and the world of Art.

Nicole lives an organic healthy lifestyle and firmly believes in environmental leadership.