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Trendy Cozy Hair Colors to "Fall" in Love With

Admin August 28 2022
Trendy Cozy Hair Colors to

As we’re wrapping up the last few weeks of summer our attention begins to turn to fall. With that comes a change of colors, for the leaves, your wardrobe, and your hair. So fill a mug of mulled cider, grab a cozy sweater and get ready to slide into fall with these stunning hair colors that will have you feeling as cool as a crisp fall evening and hot as a crackling campfire. From shades of nutty brown and honey gold to earthy reds and rich burgundy this season's trendy hair colors are easy to “fall” in love with.


Spicy Roasted Chestnut

Auburn and chestnut are two colors that are synonymous with fall, so combining the two in a stunning autumn shade makes perfect sense. This warm hue with its reds and browns will make it easy to say goodbye to summer and say hello to hay rides, apple picking, and frolicking through piles of fallen leaves.


Tawny Blonde

You don’t have to go super dark to transition from summer blonde to a shade more fitting for autumn. Soft nutty brown and beige lowlights give this tawny blond a softer seasonal look.


Sultry Maroon Brown

The deep brunette gets a hint of vibrance with a hint of purplish maroon in this sultry fall shade. The hints of maroon add just the right amount of depth to bring the brown to life with lots of fall vibes.


Wheaten Blonde Balayage
Wheaten blonde balayage is the perfect warm golden color for fall if you want to update your blonde without darkening it. Just change the undertones from the sunny shades of summer to the toasted shades of fall.


Cinnamon Espresso Balayage
This is a high-contrast balayage for brunettes who really want to kick things up for fall. The base is a nice dark shade of espresso brown with balayage highlights of warm light cinnamon brown. The rich coffee color with reddish brown accents is the perfect cozy fall color for dark-haired gals.


Copper Brown

A basic one-dimensional brown comes to life with hints of golden copper throughout. Its shimmering dimensions are like the glint of a summer sunset on the trunk of a mighty oak. It’s an absolutely stunning look for fall.


Nutmeg and Honey

Nutmeg is a favorite fall spice and is now also a favorite fall hair color. Light nutmeg with golden honey highlights is still warm and sunny but also has the cooler notes of fall. It’s the perfect shade for the transition of the seasons.


Hair Care Changes to Make for Fall

While you're changing your color, don’t forget to make the necessary changes to your hair care routine to keep your hair healthy and shiny and your color vibrant. Summer can leave quite a bit of buildup in your mane so before your color appointment gives your hair a thorough wash with a clarifying shampoo to strip away all the gunk summer has left behind. With fall comes a drop in humidity, and drier air means drier hair. So it’s time to swap out your lighter summer shampoo and conditioner for a more moisturizing formula for fall. You may also find that the drier air takes some of the oomph out of your strands. Humidity tends to bulk strands and poof things up a bit. So you may need to invest in a volumizer to be able to get the same body you had just a few months ago.

If you’re ready to welcome fall with a new trendy shade come to see the amazing colorists at D’Ametri’s Hair Color and Design Studio. We’ll help you choose a cozy color for the upcoming season that you may fall so in love with that you decide to keep it throughout the changing season. Give us a call at 303-274-7838, use our online booking tool, or download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play to book your appointment today. We’ll see you soon at 5760 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO.