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Say So Long to Your Split Ends

admin April 30 2019
Say So Long to Your Split Ends - D'Ametri's Salon

Dull. Tangled, Unkempt. If you’ve tried countless methods to keep these words from describing your locks, but the bad hair days keep coming, the problem likely lies in your hair’s health. Dreaded split ends can happen to anybody, though before you go and cut the broken ends off, give your hair the comeback it needs with our helpful advice and Split End Mender treatment at D’Ametri’s Hair Color and Design Studio.

Putting Moisture and Strength Back into Your Hair
The not-so-secret, secret to long-lasting luster for your hair is moisture. Dry hair is left in a weakened state where split ends thrive, so give your thirsty tresses a break. Try using oil, we love coconut and Moroccan oil, or a hair mask to give that little extra quench to your ends and restore a beautiful shine. 

Is Your Drying Technique Leaving Ends Brittle?
You won’t be surprised to hear that your blow dryer is getting in the way of healthy hair, but did you realize towel drying can deal damage too? Running a towel over your fragile strands break ends even farther after you’ve just spent time properly shampooing and conditioning so don’t undo that good work right. Air dry is the best way to keep your hair healthy, but it’s rarely the most practical. Instead, gently ease out any leftover water and apply even heat, while avoiding the tips. 

Lose the Heat
Flat and curling irons add a touch of style, but they’re also the reason your look might be falling flat. When your hair isn’t responding to styling tools like it used to, it’s a natural instinct to crank up the setting. The higher the heat the more effective, right? Wrong! Adding more heat exasperates damaged ends and causes the problem to spread. We recommend using a lower temperature with a trustworthy heat protecting product to guard your hair from harm.  

Use Split End Mender for Advanced Help
If you’ve been through every trick in the book and still can’t get relief for your split ends, our experts can come to the rescue. Don’t lop off large amounts of your length before letting our Split End Mender help. Performed by your choice of specialist, our split end mender can assist in remedying your frail hair so give it a try today.

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