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Professional Hair Care Tips For Healthy Frizz-Free Tresses

Admin October 15 2022
Professional Hair Care Tips For Healthy Frizz-Free Tresses - D'Ametri's Salon

How we care for our hair affects its health, appearance, and how it grows. If you want soft, beautiful hair that grows well you have to take good care of it. But your hair care routine doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. All you need are these simple professional hair care tips to keep your tresses healthy, frizz-free, and growing strong. 


Cut Your Hair Regularly

We all know that getting regular trims has a positive effect on the health of our hair, but do you know why? If your hair is damaged you might be able to make it look and feel better with deep conditioning, keratin treatments, or products formulated to repair damaged hair, but the effects of these treatments are only temporary. The only true way to restore your hair to health is to cut away all of the damaged parts of your strands. If you leave damaged brittle ends on your hair simply to preserve the length it will actually slow your hair’s growth due to breakage. If you want your hair to look healthy and grow faster you need to stay on top of damage with regular trims. 


Keep Strands Moisturized

Every hair type and texture needs the proper amount of moisture to stay healthy, though some hair types need more than others. Curly hair tends to be the driest and can become very dry and straw-like without proper moisturization. Be sure to consider ingredients carefully when selecting hair care products. Look for a high-quality sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates are foaming agents added to shampoo to make them form a nice lather, but they also dehydrate your hair and scalp. Try to choose conditioners without short-chain alcohols like propanol and SD alcohol and isopropyl alcohol. These alcohols roughen the cuticle of your hair, pull out moisture, and leave you with dry frizzy locks.


Swap Out Scrunchies and Pillowcases

If you’re like most people you probably don’t give a lot of thought to what materials your scrunchies and pillowcases are made of. If it feels soft on your hands and face it should be fine, right? Well, not exactly. Cotton feels soft on your skin, but it has a textured surface that causes friction with your hair. Cotton is also very absorbent and will soak up the natural oils from your hair. So swap out your cotton pillowcases and hair accessories for silk or satin. The surface of these materials is very smooth and prevents friction that can snag and break your strands, and they won’t rob your hair of its much-needed natural moisture.


Filter Your Shower

If you have hard water or city water you may want to consider installing a filter on your shower. Minerals in hard water and harsh chemicals like chlorine in municipal water supplies can be hard on your hair. If you’ve done all you can to promote a healthy head of hair and your strands are still struggling, your water may be to blame. A filter will remove excess minerals to help your hair care products work better, and it will also remove some of the chemicals that can be damaging to your tresses.


Eat For Hair Health

Everyone knows the old saying that you are what you eat. This is especially true of our hair. Hair is made up almost entirely of protein so including healthy sources of protein is a must for healthy growth. Eat a well-balanced diet of fruits and vegetables and lean protein to make sure you have the vitamins and minerals your hair needs, especially B vitamins like biotin, iron, and healthy hair minerals like zinc. And don’t forget to drink the recommended amount of water daily to help keep your hair hydrated from the inside. 


Brush Gently

Brushing aggressively is a mistake many people make at the expense of their hair’s health. Taking your time and using a gentle hand with the hairbrush can prevent brushing-related breakage and damage that leads to frizz and split ends. Use a detangling spray when needed and work in small sections starting at the end and working your way up                                                                                                                                           

These simple tips can make a dramatic difference in the long-term health of your hair. The hair care experts here at D’Ametri’s can help you towards your goal of healthy frizz-free tresses with a gorgeous cut, professional treatments, and expert advice on how to meet your hair’s unique hair care needs. Give us a call at 303-274-7838, use our convenient online booking tool, or download our free mobile app from iTunes, or Google Play to schedule your appointment today. We’ll see you soon at 5760 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO.