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Men Hairstyles for the Holidays

Admin December 15 2020
Men Hairstyles for the Holidays - D'Ametri's Salon

Holiday hairstyles aren’t only just about women. Men need to look their best for those family gatherings and office parties too. At D’Ametri’s, we specialize in men’s haircuts because we understand that men’s cuts are entirely different than women’s. Here are 3 great hairstyles to keep you looking your best through the holiday season and into 2021.

Simple but traditional. If you aren’t into spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, this easy-to-maintain hairstyle is for you. With a simple scissor cut, the top of your hair will be the longest with a lot of texture and then your stylist will take the sides and back from about an inch long and fade to zero. This style allows you to use clay or pomade to create a polished look for every holiday affair. Don’t go heavy on the styling product, just a light amount will maintain movement with your hair.

Classic yet stylish. Think Cary Grant meets modern day. This take on a favorite classic goes well with anything from a tuxedo to jeans. This is also a scissor cut but the razor will be used as well. The front has a little extra length with the rest being a close cut with a definite side part. Oil can be applied to dampen the hair with a little additional pomade to shape the style after a long day at the office. If you need it a little more formal, slick it back and a clear-cut side part.

Trendy and refined. If you prefer a refined look but want to be trendy at the same time, this cut is for you. Ask for the back and sides to be clean and razor close. Details are important with this look. Ask your D’Ametri’s stylist that the sideburns and nape be neatly trimmed and well-shaped. The top of your hair should be lightly textured and cut square with about three inches from the front and tapering to about one and a half inches to the crown of the head. It’s easy to shape and style with a styling cream.

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