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Learn Hair Color Techniques and Trends

admin February 15 2021
Learn Hair Color Techniques and Trends - D'Ametri's Salon

Now that salons are back open, there’s no doubt that you probably need a fresh new hair color. When you hear words like ‘balayage’, ‘ombre’, and ‘lowlights’ do you start to feel overwhelmed? If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth than a single-color process, you may not be familiar with all the hair coloring technique options available to you.

Balayage is a natural-looking technique where the highlight color is essentially painted on freehand by your D’Ametris stylist for a natural look. There are many choices when determining your color. You can choose shades that blend well into your color base, or another trend we are seeing in 2021, is adding balayage highlights of a pastel color throughout the hair. You can go longer between touch-ups since this technique offers an overall natural look.  

Ombre offers high contrast results. It typically uses a shade darker than your own and starts at the root, progressing to a lighter color as you get to the ends. This style offers a high-contrast difference with depth and dimension but if you want less contrast, we can offer a sombre look which simply means there’s less contrast between the two hues. A reverse ombre is essentially the same except that you being with a lighter shade on top and gradually darken as you near the ends. This technique gives striking results, just be ready for frequent touch-ups to keep it looking vibrant.

Lowlights & highlights are often used largely to frame the face. Highlights are lighter shades of your base color that highlight the areas of your hair around the crown and around the face to brighten your tone. Lowlights are the opposite. They consist of darker shades to create a light-reflecting dimension. They are great for deepening a bright summer shade to give you a richer look in the winter months.

Foils follow the traditional technique of highlighting. When you use foils, it creates chunkier, proportioned highlights in strips of about 1-3 inches wide. This chunky highlighting is making a comeback in 2021 in both lighter shades and pastel colors.

Foilyage combines two coloring techniques, offering you customized hair color. Your D’Ametris hair colorist will paint on your highlights, similar to balayage, but then will also fold the strands into strategically placed foils for a bolder, more vivid look. It’s a unique twist on the natural style of the balayage with vivacious color that makes a statement.

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