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How to Rock a Shag Cut

admin April 15 2019
How to Rock a Shag Cut - D'Ametri's Salon

There’s no denying one of hottest hairstyle this summer will be the shag cut. This curly do encompass all the latest trends: a natural look, 70’s resurgence, and a casual cool. With an updated twist that gives a sleek factor, Once our stylists at D’Ametri’s Hair Color and Design Studio give you a modern shag that’s ready for summer, discover how to get the most out of your new haircut

Layer Upon Layer
The cornerstone of a good shag is the endless amount of layers. These give it that mussed rocker look that gives you that I-woke-up-like-this feel. Go from a short style to ends that drop at the collarbone to find the length that fights you. Because of its multitude of layers, any color should be added after the cut and plan on trims to keep the bangs out of your eyes and ends looking good. 

Products to Style Your Shag 
Products are a best friend to a shag. Choose a mousse and apply before you dry your hair to pack hair with volume creating texture among the messy layers. When you want a smooth look, reach for an oil or serum to get satin appearance. This haircut begs to be experimented with, so grab a variety of products and see all the easy looks you can create. 

Add A Little Flair 
If you really want to make your new Shag hair standout, mix it up with lengths and color. The beauty of today version of the shag cut is its versatility for style, face, shape, and length. You can also grow out your roots to round out that natural feel, but if you’re feeling adventurous use a new hair color or highlights too. 
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