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Gorgeous Spring Hair Color Trends You'll Be Dying To Try

Admin April 15 2023

Ah, Spring! The time of year when everything is fresh and new. The earth renewing itself and bursting forth with new life and color stirs something within us, inspiring us to do the same. While you are craving something new, perhaps you don’t want to chop your mane. You can still mix up your look with new hair color without changing anything else about your style. The top hair color choices this spring are a bit more natural and minimal than last year’s trends. You’ll be seeing more shades of earthy browns, reds, and blondes this year and less bright, neon, fantasy, and high-contrast colors. Dark, sultry brunettes will be ultra-chic as well. Here are some of the most gorgeous spring hair color trends. You’re going to be dying to try them yourself!

Sunny Buttercream Blonde

There is nothing quite so refreshing after a long dreary winter as the warm spring sun, and there’s no better color to replace the dark, ashy tones in your hair than a bright buttercream blonde. The warm sunny glow will brighten your mood every time you look in the mirror, and it will brighten your complexion as well.

Glossy Midnight Black

Jet-black hair has a mesmerizing charm with its iridescent sheen. With the goth aesthetic quickly rising in popularity you’re sure to start seeing an uptick in glossy midnight-black manes this season and throughout the rest of the year. This color perfectly captures those goth vibes. But don’t be surprised to see some pops of color thrown in with bright money piece highlights or dipped tips in shades of crimson red, deep purple, and darkest indigo.

Golden Peach

The popular rose gold hair color is getting twisted up just a little this spring with more peach undertones. This shade is warmer than its rose-tinged counterpart making it the perfect pastel shade for spring. This color makes a statement while remaining soft-spoken and feminine.

Liquid Brunette

This super glossy liquid color treatment is set to be one of the hottest trends this spring. You’ll be seeing liquid hair in rich brunette shades like warm chocolate, deep espresso, and rich mocha with carefully placed highlights to catch the light and enhance the glossy sheen, mimicking the reflection of water. These highlights and the high gloss treatment are key to this look.

Rich Rust

Continuing the earthy color theme this red-orange shade with undertones of brown will make anyone look as if they were born ginger. Your colorist can adjust the intensity of this color to make it work with a variety of skin tones, so if you’ve always wanted to try life as a redhead now is your chance.

Illuminated Bronde

Bronde takes the best parts of blonde hair and the best parts of brunette and combines them into an amazing color all its own. If you then add full highlights throughout that seem to make your mane glow from within and you’ve got an illuminated bronde. This is one of those wonderfully neutral colors that work well with most skin tones.

Expensive Chestnut

An expensive brunette is awesome, but if you really want to heat things up for spring go for an expensive brunette. It has the same luxurious look but with more warmth. Golden highlights strategically placed throughout lighten the color gradually giving it so much dimension.

At Home Color Care

Now that your color is just right you want to keep it that way. A lot of what helps hair color last is how it is cared for at home. Follow these tips to extend the life of your new hair color so that you can enjoy it longer. 

Tip #1- Shampoo less. Every time you shampoo your hair you lose just a little color. You won’t see the difference right away because it is so gradual. Cut back to one to two shampoos per week to keep your pigment in place.

Tip#2- Keep it cool. Heat damages the pigments that give dyed hair its color. So cooler showers and limiting heat styling can go a long way toward preserving your hair color. 

Tip #3- Condition regularly. If your hair dries out it will take on a dull appearance, and the color will look rather drab as well. Keeping your hair well moisturized will keep it looking healthy, shiny, and vibrant.

Tip #4- Use a weekly hair mask. Chemical processing, no matter how gentle, always causes some level of damage to your strands. Counteract this with weekly deep conditioning hair masks to repair damage and strengthen your strands.

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