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Get Unstoppable Shine With Color Gloss

Admin March 15 2022
Get Unstoppable Shine With Color Gloss - D'Ametri's Salon

Harsh winter weather can really take a toll on your hair leaving it looking rather dull and lackluster. You can reach for any number of hair masks and sprays that promise spectacular shine, but those treatments require repeated application. Salon color gloss treatments can give you unstoppable shine that lasts.

Color Gloss Defined
This beauty treatment deposits a semi-permanent, translucent coating all along the hair shaft. This coating smoothes and seals the hair for a smooth, glossy shine and boost of color.

Who Is It For?
Color gloss is perfect for anyone who wants unstoppable shine. While the treatment was designed for color-treated hair, it works just as well on virgin hair to give it an extra dose of shimmer. Long, short, thick, thin, straight, or curly- a gloss treatment will work for you.

More Than Just Shine
It’s a given that color gloss will enhance your hair’s shine, but that’s not all this versatile treatment can do for you. A color gloss can be used to adjust or tone down hair color that comes out a bit off by counteracting brassiness or lightening or darkening highlights or even your overall color. As an added benefit, a gloss treatment helps to repair damage such as a rough cuticle or split ends. If your hair is freshly color-treated, a gloss will help lock in your color and prevent fading and if your older color is fading already color gloss can give it a boost.

Low Maintenance Sheen
High-quality, sulfate-free hair care products are all that’s required for the maintenance of a gloss treatment. Your stylist can recommend color-safe products designed for your hair type. Just visit the salon for another treatment when your color and shine begin to slowly fade in a few weeks.

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