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Fall in Love with Hair Extensions this Summer

Admin March 31 2021
Fall in Love with Hair Extensions this Summer - D'Ametri's Salon

We’re seeing many women breaking free from the monotony of being quarantined and limited to where they can go. If you want to make a bold statement but just aren’t willing to commit to a permanent color or don’t want to wait for your hair to grow out, hair extensions might just be the way to go. At D’Ametri’s Hair Color and Design Studio, we offer a variety of hair extensions to meet all your needs whether it be increasing your length, intensifying the volume, or wanting to add some pops of color for the summer.


Enjoy long hair. If you don’t have long hair or have been trying to grow it out F.O.R.E.V.E.R., why wait? Hair extensions can give you the length you want in just one appointment! When you lengthen your hair, you open up so many more stylish possibilities! All of our extensions are customizable, so you determine the exact length you want.


Increase volume. Whether you naturally thin, limp hair or you find that your hair is thinning with age, hair extensions can add volume all over or just where you need it most. Even if you have a full head of hair, you might want to still pump up the volume, and hair extensions are the answer! When you come into D’Ametri’s Salon for an extension consultation, you can talk with your stylist and determine where volume is needed for the look you want.


Embrace color without the commitment. If you’re wanting to add some pops of color to your hair this season or try some highlights without the commitment of a permanent dye, you can have fun with hair extensions. We offer a variety of colors that can either blend in with your current hair color, add depth and dimension to your hair with subtle highlights, add face-framing chunky highlights or demand attention with pops of color in your favorite fantasy color – there are so many options to give you a personalized look.

At D’Ametri’s, our hairstylists are ready to give you a new hairstyle, cut, or hair color for the new season! Download our free mobile app, available on iTunes, or Google Play. If apps aren’t your thing, use our convenient online booking tool, visit us at 5760 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO, or call 303-274-7838 to book an appointment.