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Easy Updos for the 2022 Holiday Season

Admin November 15 2022
Easy Updos for the 2022 Holiday Season - D'Ametri's Salon

The holiday season is upon us, and that means lots of parties and family gatherings. With all of the planning, cooking, and shopping, who needs the added stress of complicated updos? But you still want to look like you spent hours on your hair, right? These hairstyles look intricate and time-consuming but take only minutes to create. It doesn’t always have to be hard work to look good.


Romantic Lace Braid

This is a beautiful, loose French braid, with a twist. You’ll start by parting our hair on the side. Begin a French braid at the part following your front hairline. After creating three braid sections stop adding hair to the back section of the braid. Keep the braid pulled straight down and continue adding hair to the front section just until you reach the nape of your neck. Continue loosely braiding all the way to the ends. Pull on the outer edges of sections of the braid to fluff it up a bit. Now pull the rest of your hair into a low messy bun and pin it into place. Pull the braid across the back of your head just above the bun and pin it into place. If the tail of your braid is long enough you can wrap it around the bun and tuck in the ends. Leave some tendrils hanging down here and there for an even softer look.

2 Minute Roll and Tuck

This is a style full of old-world charm, and it’s so easy! Part the front of your hair in the center and take a two-inch section on each side from part to ear and secure it in the back into a low ponytail. Gather the rest of your hair and twist. Now begin rolling the twisted hair over the sectioned ponytail and tucking all of the ends behind securing with pins as you go. Once all the hair is smoothly rolled and tucked top the roll with a beautiful barrette or decorative comb.

Crown Twist
This twisted braid wraps all the way around your head to create an elegant crown. Add in all kinds of festive embellishments to make it even more special. Begin by parting your hair on the side to your crown and then straight down the back. Starting at the part, create a flat twist pulling in tiny sections from the front all the way around your hairline to the back. Secure while you twist the other side. Cross the ends of the twists over in the back and tuck the ends under the twist on the opposite side. 


Topsy Turvy French Braid and Bun

This is a style that’s guaranteed to grab attention. Flip your head over and tightly French braid up the back of your head from the nape of your neck to the crown. Pull all the rest of your hair back with the tail of the braid and twist it into a loose bun. Secure with pins and add some cute seasonal accessories for an extra special touch.


Double French Braids With Braided Bun
For this style, you will part your hair on the side angling the part towards the opposite side in the back. Starting at the part loosely French braided down each side all the way to the back keeping towards the hairline. Continue each braid to the ends. Secure and tug the outer sections of the braid to loosen and fluff the braid for a softer look. Then twist them around each other to form a bun in the center back. Pin it into place, and you’re ready to go.

If you need help creating a more intricate updo for your holiday gatherings or a special occasion the talented stylists at D’Ametri’s are here for you. We will create a one-of-a-kind updo that will make you look fabulous and ultimately wow everyone. Give us a call at 303-274-7838, use our convenient online booking tool, or download our free mobile app from iTunes, or Google Play to schedule your appointment today and take some of the stress out of your holidays. We’ll see you soon at 5760 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO.