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Beautiful Shades of Brunette for Your Summer Style

Admin June 30 2021
Beautiful Shades of Brunette for Your Summer Style - D'Ametri's Salon

Brunette is one of the most versatile hair colors, with a wide range of both warm and cool tones to choose from to give you that perfect style. Here at D’Ametri’s, we’re seeing lots of clients asking for different options for brunette hair colors for their summer style. We’ve put together a few of our favorite ideas to help you love your beautiful brunette shade this summer.


Sun-kissed babylights. One of the best ways to dress up your brunette color is through highlights. These delicate babylights let you stick with the deep, rich color you love while adding just a little warmth and dimension to your summer style. For a great look, try some caramel babylights against a rich brown or black base. 


Mushroom brown. While the temperatures get warmer, you can stay with cool shades with this ashy mushroom brown. It’s all about the undertones, with hints of ash grey mixed with sandy brown for fantastic summer color.


Ombre. Ombre is a fabulous way to add interest to your brunette color. For most natural brunettes, you can stick with your natural color and transition to a lighter caramel for a gorgeous color that looks great even as it grows out.


Warm copper highlights. We’re seeing lots of brunettes opting for a little red in their color, and one of the best ways to make it happen is with copper highlights. These warm red embellishments add both a pop of color and some great dimensions for a great summer look.


Chunky highlights. Those chunky highlights of the 90s are back for 2021, and they’re a great color choice for summer. You can go as light as you’d like to give you that almost-blonde look or a beautiful chocolate caramel look for the attention-getting color you’ll love.


Money piece. This face-framing color gives you one of the most versatile color choices this summer. Go with a bright blonde for high contrast, a warm caramel for a more subtle look, or even a multicolor money piece highlight to make a unique, personalized statement this summer. 


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