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3 Gorgeous Highlights to Brighten Your Late Summer Styles

admin August 15 2021
3 Gorgeous Highlights to Brighten Your Late Summer Styles - D'Ametri's Salon

The end of summer is fast approaching, but that doesn't mean that you can't still enjoy some of the fun summer hair color trends. While it may be a little late in the season for an all-over color change, you can brighten up your late summer styles with some gorgeous highlights and still be able to change your color for a new look in the fall.

Money Piece Highlights

These face-framing highlights were named for the lavishly elegant look that they give. It involves adding balayage highlights to only the front strands of your hair, usually in a lighter shade of your base color. It adds brightness and dimension to give your complexion a bit of a boost. And since it's only two small sections of hair it won't hinder your color options in the fall.

Chunky Highlights

This highlighting technique started in the 90s. Dye is applied to chunky strands of hair and wrapped in foil. This creates high contrast strips of color throughout your hair. You can opt to go just a couple of shades lighter or you can have fun by adding in some streaks of bright color.


If you don't want a drastic change but still want to perk up your color a little, then baby lights may be the way to go. This technique produces soft and subtle highlights that mimic the naturally sun-kissed dimension that you often see in young children's hair. With the tiny sections and numerous foils used to create this look, it takes a little longer than traditional highlights, but the natural-looking results are well worth the wait in the chair.

The expert colorists at D’Ametri’s Hair Color and Design Studio are well trained in all the latest trends in hair color techniques, and we are ready to create custom highlights for you that will accent your summer complexion and carry you through the rest of the season. Give us a call at 303-274-7838, use our convenient online booking tool, or download our free mobile app, available on iTunes or Google Play to book your appointment today. We look forward to helping you choose your new highlights. We’ll see you soon at 5760 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO.